Expanding Partition on SD Card for Raspberry Pi with NOOBS Pre-Installed

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  1. zeppomanx says:

    Nice article, very complete.

    I had the same situation but after putting the image on a larger SD Card used the extra partition and copied the old var folder contents, then deleted the original folder and made the change in fstab And once I remembered to make the empty var folder on the root, it worked.

    Just another alternative.

  2. ForzaGreen says:

    Nice tutorial. Thanks !

  3. Connor says:

    This was a great tutorial! Thanks for posting it. It worked flawlessly and now I’m able to utilize all of my 32gb sd card 🙂

  4. rsammut says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this very detailed solution. It’s incredible. I went through many sites and forums, and no one came anywhere near to solving this problem. You have done your research, reading and testing in a way that truly impresses. Your presentation with terminal prints makes your communication perfect.

    When I tried your procedure on my RPI, I encountered an unexpected problem. “parted”, for some reason, was reading my brand new SD card as 62G instead of 32G. Here is the print I was getting:

    Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
    1 16.4kB 64.0GB 64.0GB primary fat32 lba
    2 1172MB 64.0GB 62.8GB extended lba
    5 1174MB 1208MB 33.6MB logical
    6 1208MB 1274MB 66.1MB logical
    7 1275MB 64.0GB 62.7GB logical

    Size should show 32G, as was shown by “fdisk”. It took me a long while to notice. After two tries I realized what was wrong. Then, on the third try, I set the partition size for partition 7 by specifying both START and END, and the re-partitioning of the new SD card came through beautifully.

    Again, thank you for sharing.

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