Apple Watch for Pokémon Go Tracks Actual Workout Distance by Steps


  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • Apple Watch Stainless Black Gen 0
  • I am on wifi the entire time.
  • I have the heart rate monitor turned off to conserve battery to test battery life.
  • iPhone screen turned off the entire time.

Before Shot About 10 AM

Started with 3.4 KM on the watch. The gym is downstairs and I don’t have to leave the building. Step count is zero as this is the first test since waking up. Battery is also at 100%. I also opened the workout app to show that there are zero workouts today 12/23 on a Friday.


In app, egg shows 3.5 KM and buddy shows 2 KM.


Post-Workout at about 11 AM

For the workout I did the following, 10 minutes on the StairMaster 10 minutes of jump rope, and then some abdominal exercises. All of this is fairly stationary within the gym into my building.

Battery in 47 minutes went down about 12%. I “gained” about .78 mile equivalent from the steps I took. .78 miles is equivalent to about 1.3 KM. The watch did a great job updating in real time.


Both my eggs and my buddy gained about 1.3 KM.



Steps from indoor exercises can give you distance in the game!

I also have the Go Plus and someone asked if this overrides the Apple Watch setting. The answer is No. Apple Watch overrides Go Plus meaning if you are on a treadmill and have both on, it still records the distance Apple Watch has.

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